Top Ten evidences against evolution. 

1. Life: The complexity of life is by far the best evidence for evolution. Just one living cell is more complex that New York City, with all of its electrical connections, airports, cars, and buildings. Such complexity! One would think there is a designer! There is…God. There is absolutely  NO possible way for all of the complexity of life to come together by mere chance like the evolution theory teaches. Everything which has design–computers, airplanes, and even pencils have designers. Wouldn’t it be logical to assume that life, which is much more complex, had to have a designer? Certainly! The amazing complexity of life points to there being a designer. Irreducible complexity alone destroys evolution idea of life coming about by mere chance (more on “Irreducible complexity in the article we wrote on it).

2. Second law of Thermodynamics: The second law of Thermodynamics states that the matter and energy in the universe is becoming less organized and is spreading out. Since this is true, it points to a time limit of the universe. For example, the universe should have reached what is called a “heat death” millions of years ago ( a heat death is when all of the energy in the universe has been used up, the whole universe is the same temperature, all the radioactive atoms have decayed, and no further work is possible because all of the usable energy has  decayed to unusable energy). The fact that all of the energy has not been used up, the whole universe is not the same temperature, all the radioactive atoms have not decayed, and work is still possible puts a time limit on the age of the earth which disproves the evolution theory which states the universe is billions of years old. Also, all the matter in the universe is becoming less orderly. You can see this law at work everywhere. If you don’t ever work on your car, will it get better on its own? No, of course not! Your car will eventually stop working! Evolution teaches that everything will get better on its own; in reality, we see the exact opposite is the case: things get worse on their own.

3. First law of Thermodynamics: The first law of Thermodynamics states that neither matter or energy can be either created or destroyed, or in other words, matter cannot come from non-matter. Evolution directly contradicts this fact by stating everything came from non-matter. Something cannot come from nothing without the help of an outside force who is greater than the first law of Thermodynamics. Creations have this being; evolutions…don’t!

4. Another law states that when matter comes from energy, like the evolution theory teaches, it must also create an equal amount of anti-matter. If evolution is true, all matter came from energy which means we should find the same amount of matter as anti-matter in the universe. Do we find the same amount of matter to anti-matter in the universe? NO! In fact, there is about 750 times more matter than anti-matter! This alone proves that the Big Bang is not science…but a illogical and unscientific myth.

5. The Law of Causality is yet another law of science which totally contradicts evolution. The law of Causality states that everything which has a beginning has a cause, but according to the evolutionary theory the universe began for no cause and no reason. Obviously, this directly contradicts the law of Causality.   On the other hand, if there is a God, the universe does have a cause: to horror and glorify its creator. When start proclaiming that this universe was made by mere chance, they are nullifying the “cause” of the universe.

6. Rock layers: Thick layers of sediment have been laid down in many areas of the earth. Most of these layers are now hard, but there is evidence that they were not at one time. Many of these “hard” layers of sediments are bent without fracturing (cracking). You cannot bend something hard without it cracking. Obviously, these layers were soft in the past. This supports the Biblical idea of a global flood which laid down and then bent the sediments while they were still soft. If evolution is true, those layers would have been hard and wouldn’t bend without fracturing.

7. Earth was never a “molten mass.” Evolution also teaches that the earth was once a “hot, molten mass;” however, these is now evidence that the earth was never a hot molten mass. The earth core is a solid, but it shouldn’t be according to evolutionary thinking. The fact that the earth’s core is solid proves that the earth was never a hot molten mass. If the earth ever was a hot molten mass, the inner core of the earth should not have cooled enough to be solid now. The fact that the earth’s core is a solid proves the earth was never a hot molten mass like evolution teaches.

8. No changes in the fossil record: Charles Darwin knew the fossil record of his day didn’t support evolution, but he hoped it would get better as time went on and they made more discoveries. Well, time has gone on and they have made more discoveries, but if anything the fossil record supports his idea ever less than it did when he was alive.  The Cambrian explosion was when they found a rich deposit of fossils which where supposed to be 500 million years old. They though that since the fossils were so old they should be able to see what was happening during the very first stages of evolution. What they actually found was totally unexpected. They found what they called “bursts of life” which seemed to suddenly appear representing many different kind of organisms. They had expected to find organisms slowly evolving instead of just “burst” into existence. They were totally baffled with their findings, but this agrees perfectly with the Bible which states God made everything in only six day. Life really did “burst” into existence in one week; not millions of years.

9. Trees standing up: Trees standing up going through many rock layers have been found in many areas of the world, which is yet another prove that the layers were not millions of years old. If each one of those layers took millions of even thousands of years to form, what is going to happen to the trees while their waiting for the next layer to come along? They are doing to rot and fall over. During the flood of the Bible, the forest of the world would be ripped up and the trees would float around till they became water logged. They would then sink to the bottom where they would be quickly buried with thick layers of sediments. Some tree are even upside down! Its is really hard to have a tree waiting upside down for millions of years!!

10. Dinosaurs. Evolution teaches that Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, but red Dinosaur blood cell and soft Dinosaur tissue have been found. Both of these would have rotted by now if they were millions of year old. Mary Schweitzer, who found the bones, even said they looked like a fresh dog bone! They were certainly not millions of years old.

By Samuel Murphy