Radithor and radioactive water

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To be healthy there are just a few natural law’s: Get plenty of sleep, exercise, … and drink “plenty of fresh, invigorating, natural radioactive water.”




Patented in 1912 and sold thru the 1930’s, the Revigator was a ceramic water crock lined with radioactive materials, which was thought to be healthy. After all radioactive water was found naturally in European springs that were thought to be healthy. Bottled water, toothpaste, spa’s, and various pendants also had radioactive ingredients for good health. This lasted for almost 20 years. Then in 1932 a famous sports figure died a gruesome death from drinking radioactive water that was prescribed by his doctor. This prompted the Wall Street Journal to run the article, “The Radium Water Worked Fine Until His Jaw Came Off”. The FDA then began restricting its sale. Even after all that, the belief was still held as late as 1956, as found in an article of Miami News, “Clinic Plugs Uranium Sand Cures”.


“More illness is caused by improper water than any other reason


and largely because radioactivity is lost from our daily supply of drinking water.”



In 1912 they thought drinking radioactive water was good for them, and it took them 20 years to figure out it wasn’t. By Mike Murphy

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