A glimmer of God’s love can be seen in our love for pets.


It can certainly be also seen in our love for children but we recently adopted out 6 kittens and it made me think of all the reasons of why we love pets and how it’s somewhat similar to how God loves us. It’s just enough to get us thinking about it anyway. Well here’s some ideas of why we love pets and how it may relate to how God loves us:


  • We enjoy it when they like to be around us and come to us for play or being petted. Even though they can’t fully communicate with us there is companionship there.
  • We like taking care of a precious needy animal who depends on us.
  • We enjoy watching them do things, like play or explore things.
  • We appreciate it when they are useful like catching mice or fetching the paper.


Can’t you see how a loving creator God would have similar feelings toward us, but much greater. You can trust Him. He’s not out to hurt you or ruin your fun. The things He warns us about are harmful to us. Eventually you will need to allow Him to be your loving Master so He can save you from the place that was prepared for Satan and His angels (Matthew 25:41). God doesn’t want you to go there (2 Peter 3:9) but Satan does and Satan is the “father of lies” (John 8:44-45) so he has all kinds of distractions and decoys out there. The door to heaven is described as a narrow one that many try to find but fail to (Luke 13:24). This is probably because of all the deception out there. So be real careful and read your Bible faithfully, humbly and carefully.


And always remember John 3:16