How much money has been spent trying to prove evolution?

Humanity has no money to extract water from drylands but it has money to look for water on Mars!! The question is: Is there a form of intelligence on Earth??

This page discusses how much money is spent trying to prove evolutionary ideas. This is a hard number to come up with because it’s in many sources and some research bleeds into multiple goals, not just evolution. But this gives a small idea of how much.


This website shows how much money NASA gets every year. If half of their budget goes to the Mars program, the main focus of which is to find life on Mars and prove evolution, then this means that we already have about ten billion dollars going to prove evolution! That is not even including all of the other things that have been done trying to prove evolution (college grants, science foundations, etc). Tens of billions of dollars have been spent trying to prove evolution and they still can’t do it!

This is another website showing  more data. Check back soon for updates.