Ratio metric and Carbon dating: 

Ratio metric and carbon dating is another “evidence” old earth, but as we will soon see, it has major and obvious flaws. It is based on several assumption which mess everything up. The main idea of Ratio metric and carbon dating is that some elements decay to other element, so objects in which more of the “parent element” has decayed to the “daughter element,” they figure the older the object must be. For example, Uranium 238 (parent element) decays to Lead 206 (daughter element). The method states that the more Uranium has decayed, the older the object is. As we will soon see, several assumptions in the theory mess the whole thing up, making is extremely inaccurate.

assumption #1: Has the parent to daughter element ratio always been the same?

assumption #2: Has the rate of decay always been the same?

assumption #3: Has any parent or daughter element been added or taken away? Or is it a “closed” system?

All of these assumption make the dating methods very inaccurate. For example, ratio metric dating method were used to date a lava dome they knew was less than a century old, but when they dated it, it dated at thousands and even millions of years–keep in mind, they knew that lava dome was only a few decades old. Another time they dated a lava dome several times and they kept getting wildly different results, even ranging by millions of years. Again, a human artifact was found under rock which was “hundreds of millions of year old.” According to their theory, human were not supposed to exist at that time is history. And yet, even if their theory was true, that human artifact had to be older than the rock which was already too old! Even their own theory doesn’t agree with each other.  Ratio metric dating has countless flaws and inconsistencies.

Carbon dating has just as many flow as ratio metric dating. It has the same assumptions mentioned above. One time they dated one part of a mammoth  and it dated a certain age and then they dated a different part of the same mammoth and it dated a totally different age while the wood next to the mammoth dated yet another age! Living seals were dated at five thousand years old, while living mollusk shell were dated at three thousand years old. In fact, carbon dating cannot possible be used to date things millions of years old like they claim. For if something was millions of years old, there would be to little carbon to measure. the maximum age for dating something using carbon dating (even is it worked) would be 100,000 years. The very fact that carbon is still found in supposed 75,000,000 years old dinosaur bone proves that the bone is not that old. If it were, there would be to little carbon to measure.

Conclusion: Like every other “old earth proof,” this one has major flaw and inconsistencies which even contradicts the evolutionary idea of thinking instead of supporting it. We can see that God’s own holy world is the only thing which is worthy of our full truth. The dates used by ratio metric and carbon dating are actually selected dates. They will date some hundreds of time in need be just to find the number they. It is not scientific, but arises from their preconceived idea of evolution and millions of years. Trust God! He will never let you down.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               By Sam Murphy