What is wrong with our country?


Every now and then I hear people talking about terrible events and asking each other what has happened to our country. So I thought I’d share my perspective.


Years ago most people had at least a rudimentary belief in God and so they were somewhat restrained in their behavior. Even the ones that didn’t were somewhat restrained just by the overall higher standards of society. And those few who really crossed the lines were for the most part quickly found and dealt with seriously. But when a large portion of society is convinced that there is no God then people start doing what they can get away with. Their only restraint is what they could get caught from. And this places a heavy burden on the police and makes people’s general behavior poor towards each other. The leaders also start abusing their power when they can get away with it. And families start to fall apart from immorality, either before or after marriage.


That’s why I have been surprised at the fervor a few people are putting forth in trying to remove God from society. Don’t they realize how they’re shooting themselves in the foot? Let me clarify that I know many people have a “name only” form of Christianity that doesn’t change their behavior. They can be as bad as anybody else. And many atheists can be fine upstanding people. Furthermore, even true Christians make mistakes during their maturing process. But I’m painting with a large brush here and talking about how in general this affects the general population.


Here’s a little more discussion on the above topics. This is how a general fear of God in a population helps a country:


Decent Leaders. Power naturally tends to corrupt. People naturally use power for selfish means if they can get away with it. But when a leader truly fears God (even a little) he’s less likely to abuse his power.


Decent Families: Following the moral principles of the Bible, both before marriage and after, makes families stronger. Immorality of all kinds and at all times weakens the husband/wife bond which makes the families less stable. It can also produce children in more difficult situations further making the family weaker.


Decent People: People who genuinely follow God will not commit crimes, defraud you, be a burden to society by laziness, vandalize stuff, lie to you, sell you a “lemon” car, be rude to you, be violent to you, sue you unjustly, drive drunk or recklessly, be suicidal, do drugs, or spread venereal diseases. Really, they won’t hurt you in any way (unless the truth hurts). They will promote all kinds of things that lead to life, equality, and fairness. They will work hard and be helpful and sharing to others. They will build, not destroy.


So why in the world would anyone be against that????


No where is this better illustrated than with the tragic life of Madalyn Murray O’Hair. She fought so hard to remove God from society and was then robbed, kidnapped, and gruesomely killed by an employee that didn’t believe in God. I so wish we Christians could have reached her.