The Geologic column, the supposed evidence for evolution, is totally made up. There are no ages stamped on to the layers to tell you they took millions and billions of years to form. Those layers could have been laid down over millions of years, or they could have been laid down in a few days during Noah’s flood (go to the article we wrote on “rock layers”). Determining how old those layers are all depends on your world view, or perspective. If your perspective is evolution, those layers are millions of years old, but if your perspective is creation, then those layers are only six thousand years old. There are no dates on the layers to tell you conclusively that they are a certain age (even thought there is strong evidenced that the layers were laid down quickly. Go to the article mentioned above for more information). The whole geologic column does not exist any where on earth but the text books. All those layers laid neatly on top of each in perfect order is not found anywhere in the world; only portions of it are available in one place. The rock layers of the earth can be interpreted in several ways and is not conclusive evidence for evolution ( you can also go to the article we write entitled “Cambrian explosion” for more information).

By Samuel Murphy