Have you risked your eternal destiny on

the teachings of man?


When it comes to something as important as your eternal destiny you need to make sure you have the truth. Since Satan is the “father of lies” it’s not surprising that there has been much deception in the name of religion. Thankfully we have a source, known as the Bible, that has been carefully reconstructed from eyewitness accounts and people who gave their life for the message. It has stood the test of time and endless scrutiny with no significant flaws. Therefore it is a steady rock in the ever-changing sands of time. If you listen to what people tell you about this rock you are getting their bias and could possibly be trusting in something false. This book uses over 60 passages of the Bible to show a requirement of God that has been largely lost in modern Christianity. You may be surprised at just how far off from the source we have drifted. More importantly you need to make sure you have the truth. 


·        Learn who, what, when, and why Christianity has changed from the Biblical model. 


·        Discover how influential men used a few obscure scriptures and extensive extra biblical reasoning to fundamentally change core doctrines that had been taught and believed by all Christendom for many centuries.


·        Discover the original biblical intention of the word “grace” and how it has changed.


·        Learn about people’s propensity to follow after other people, including very surprising propaganda examples, and see what you’ve fallen for (you have done so).


·        Learn about how seeking God leads to faith in God, who changes the heart by the Holy Spirit so you enjoy doing good works.


·        Discover the proper order of seeking, being justified, learning to trust in God’s power, and then working with His energy.




About the author: Mike Murphy is a Mechanical Engineer working in the aerospace industry. He has been an avid seeker of truth in the Bible for over 20 years. He also served as a volunteer pastor at an assisted living center for five years where preparing weekly sermons has provided the bulk of the research for this book.