Blue Brain Project


Recently, researchers in Switzerland have been trying to make a computer which simulates the brain of a rat. So far, they have done 31,000 connections, while the number need is 13,000,000 connections. The human brain has even more than this at 100,000,000 connections. Groups of neutron which are connected by synapses form what they call functional cliques (groups of tightly knitted neutrons) and cavities (spaces in-between) and them progress toward peak complexity. The leader, Henry Markram said that then are tens of millions of those in every speck of brain, and that they are up through seven and even eleven different dimensions.” These dimensions of are not like the dimensions of time and space, but are mathematical dimensions. Like geometrical shapes. The more neutrons in the cliques, the higher the dimension level. All of this complexity! All of this information given, the theory of evolution looks sillier all the same. The more we find out about the universe, life, humans and more; the more we see the hand of an almighty-all-powerful God. Not evidence of random chance over millions of years.

                                                                     By Samuel Murphy 

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