The ever-changing theory of Evolution-don’t  trust it.

People would have you believe that the Evolution Theory is all but fact. However the truth is that it’s a confused mess of guesses and assumptions built on each other in a twisted contortion. The things they do find are just the natural processes that the Creator came up with.


Evolution has so many flaws that are not revealed in popular media and education outlets. They fight hard to suppress this from being taught. When you look deeper you see it’s just well-guarded propaganda.


1.   Life has never come from non-life! Even the famous Miller-Euric “primordial soup” theory has been proven impossible.


2.   The well-known example of a horse turning into a giraffe by generations of stretching their neck, called Lamarckism, is also abandoned.


3.   Darwin’s theory, change by natural selection alone, has been proven inept so they’ve added mutation, called neo-Darwinism. But mutations only alter existing information, ie an extra foot, not create new features. There is no known process to add new information to DNA. This is crucial to evolution so belief in it is by faith. New research is clearly showing genetic entropy (degradation) is actually happening, not genetic improvement.


4.   If evolution were true “Missing link” fossils should be as abundant as other fossils, but they are non-existent except for a few propped-up ones. If animal A turned into animal B (whatever they are doesn’t matter as long as you pick two points in the so called evolution process so that the two look different, like a dog and a cat), and if it was done in small steps, then you can take that process and divide it into 10 steps. At step 1 it looks like animal A. At step 10 it looks like animal B. So steps 1 thru 3 look pretty close to animal A as well. And steps 8 thru 10 look pretty close to animal B. (The fictitious artwork for this is in many evolution textbooks). But we should still be able to find fossils for steps 4 thru 7 and easily fit them into the process. That’s 4 steps that are missing. So 40% of the fossils should be these “missing link” fossils, but they’re no where. Early on in evolutionary belief the adherents thought that they’d eventually find these missing links but it’s been another century now and there still aren’t any, and that’s not for a lack of fervently looking.


5.   DNA research has shown that creatures have built-into their DNA (by the creator) a wealth of information that allows them to speciate within a kind. (e.g. produce many types of dogs and wolves, but not cats).  Evolutionists name this “micro-evolution”, and use it for their examples, touting that “evolution” is proven true. But it’s not evolution as we know it. It is actually a complex creation. True evolution (changing kinds) is never found.


6.   Cells, organisms, and even the whole world eco system are made of many integrated parts that can’t survive alone. It’s called “irreducible complexity”. All the parts had to be created and assembled at the same time or they would have died because they need each other. But the odds of even one cell, the smallest living system, all coming together is 1:1×10137,000 (that’s a number that is a hundred and thirty thousand zeros long, a million to one shot is 1:1×106). The cell is much more complicated than Darwin could have ever imagined. It’s basically a mini-city. Google an image of “metabolic pathways” if you want to blow your mind. The Expelled documentary also has a good animation of what happens in a cell.

It’s interesting that the evolutionists have to cheat to hide this absurdity.

1) First they start with a much simpler scenario – a sentence with about a dozen letters, and even it is pretty unlikely but nothing like a cell coming together.

2) They assume that a new try for the code happens each and every second.

3) But the biggest trick is they assume that once the right letter occurs in the right position it can lock-in while the others keep searching. But to do this they have to ignore the very idea of irreducible complexity. In real life the parts of a cell are not going to sit around in the right position and wait for the other parts to form.


For a pro-evolution article lamenting their repeated failures (with clever spins) click here.


Below is a more technical document outlining a few of the many changes in various Evolutionary Facts that have turned out to be false. It is written by Jerry Williams who has spent 30 years studying the evolution theory, philosophy, and world religions. He’s read Darwin’s book and the Quran and other books. He believes in the Bible and reads it in the original Hebrew and Greek. He’s a very interesting person to listen to.