“Maybe we came from aliens,” some evolutionist will argue. “That is how we got here.” Well, First of all, does that really fix the problem? Now we have the question, “where did the aliens come from?” Instead of solving the problem, it just extends the problem to somewhere else out in space where we cannot observe. In the end, you come down to the fact, “maybe the aliens are god.” Why is it easier to believe in aliens, than in God? For one reason: aliens don’t have rules about how we should live. Aliens don’t make any more sense than God, but they also aren’t trying to tell humans what to do. If you get down to it, the whole reason people do not want to believe in God is because they do not want to be told what to do. THEY WANT TO DO THEIR OWN THING! Actually, God makes more sense than aliens! But God also has rules which we are all guilty of breaking, and that is what they are trying to avoid. However, trying to avoid God will not make God and his laws go away; they are still there. If you don’t believe in God, instead of trying to avoid the fact that there is a God, you should accept the fact of God. Trying to avoid him will not make him go away.


     Here is some more interesting facts about “alien”




1.Most alien sightings are misidentified objects.


2.The “Roswell” incident was just a top secret weather balloon crash; not a UFO Crash.


3.When aliens are supposedly coming and tormenting people, but at the name of Jesus, the “aliens” flee. Why would extraterrestrial being have to flee at the name of a supposedly dead religious figure? BECAUSE HE IS NOT DEAD! Jesus is still alive, and these “beings,” who are actually demons, have to flee at his name.  


Conclusion: Aliens are just another way to avoid the fact of God, but trying to avoid God does not make him go away. Aliens are just demons who are sent by Satan to deceive people from believing God. Make the right decision!