We are the Murphy family and we created this website to tell people that God loves them but Satan hates them and so they need to be careful. We are not associated with any church or organization; this is just from our heart to yours. We do go to a small house-church fellowship near Stillwater, Ok.


If you’re not a Christian then we’d like to share the reasons of why we have this hope of eternal life. There is a God that created you to want to live and has provided the means to live eternally. But there is also a Satan who is a liar and very hateful who comes to “kill, steal, and destroy”. He’ll make bad look good. So you have to be real careful to check out everything you hear.


If you are a Christian then we want to encourage you to totally give yourself to doing what God wants and abhor evil. When you do, you’ll experience His amazing power to transform your heart to have great love for your fellowman and have great joy in helping him, physically or spiritually. And you’ll have the amazing privilege of partnering with God Himself as His ambassador to the lost and hurting world. See the Christian Living tab for a discussion of this great power as found in Romans chapters 5 to 8.


We are very aware that everything we discuss is debated with much fervor. We just wanted to get this side out since it is not usually found in the major media, education, or entertainment outlets (the major sources of information and power in our society).


We also don’t have a whole lot of time to invest in this, though we love people and so it is a passionate hobby to us. But we are not even full time ministers. We are composed of a full time engineer, a homemaker, and our son, an EMT with an interest in medical missions.


Please feel free to write us on the contact page with complaints, criticisms or encouragements. We’ll try to address your concerns, and encouragements are of course always welcome.



Topics :

  • Creation/Evolution
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  • History
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Branches of science started by creationists



changes in evolution “facts”



billions of dollars trying to prove the evolution theory



million people killed by the evolution theory



Years looking for evidence for evolution


Creation & Evolution


Christian Growth


Biblical evidence


Life and the creator.

Future Topics

false christianities and cults.

Exhortations to keep Christians from dangers and weeds.

Age of the earth

in work… See the evidences for a young Earth and arguments against an old Earth.

Featured Tracts: (Download as printable documents)

Is evolution true?

find out why evolution and science are incompatable


Is there a God? If so, what does he want, and who is he?

God’s way, God’s rest

Find out the true way to be saved, from a mother’s heart.

Satan is a liar

Learn how Satan has lied, and how he might be lying to you.

Tall Tale

This is a deep discussion that engineers would love.

House on the rock.

Learn how Jesus said to build your house on the rock (about 90% of people get it wrong).


Question & Answer (in work)

What should I do if I feel hopeless or depressed.

You were created to have a loving relationship with your Creator. Satan tries to fill people with an amazing plethora of destractions (entertainment etc) to keep people from this. But this only lasts so long and gets empty. Then Satan, who loves death, causes people to do the unthinkable to themselves. Don’t listen. Seek God thru prayer and Bible study and don’t stop.

How can I trust any of this when I’ve heard bad things about it.

Be sure to check all the sources carefully for everything you hear. Satan is also a great liar and in addition to lots of distracting entertainments, there are also tons of lies out there.

What’s your real motivation? Who are you with?

When you fully give your life to God (many Christians unfortunately don’t do this so they miss this too), God will work strongly in your heart so you have love for God and all people. And you will want to help them. It’s a fulfilling life, though sometimes yields persecution. We are not associated with any organization at all. You won’t hear us encourage any particular church attendance or religious materials besides the Bible. Just read YOUR Bible and obey it. If you can find a church that encourages you to focus on God that is great but be careful because many are worldly.

I’m already a Christian, what should I do?

Abhor evil(Romans 12:9), especially in meaningless entertainments, and ask God to give you a love for Him and His people (two greatest commandments, Matthew 22:35). Read your Bible and pray fervently. Watch out for weeds (Luke 8) and live a life where God will say “well done, my good and faithful servant (Matthew 25:21).

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Campus ministry

College students are used to thinking philosophically (notice the statue of the sower of seeds in the background) and so it’s an interesting place to share the age old story that keeps getting more and more lost in every generation. But “normal” Christians aren’t getting out there whereas all kinds of cults and strange teachings are there.